Painted – Undead Skeleton Horde

This large horde of 40 skeletons is almost entirely composed of Wargames Factory Skeletons and is one of the larger units for my Undead Army. The unit is magnetized with 1/8″ x 1/32″ magnets under the bases, these are hollowed out underneath. The movement tray is basswood with a piece of tin cut and glued to the top.
There is some minor conversions done on two of the figures. I built a standard bearer out of an old Games Workshop Beastment standard. I trimmed some of the obvious horns off and replaced them with a left over Wargames Factory skull from the kit. The staff it sits on is from the Mantic Skeleton kit, I believe. Also, Wargames Factory doesnt have anything to build a musician out of so I used one fo the bells from the Mantic Skeleton kit. The decal on the standard is from the Games Workshop Bretonnian Knights of the Realm transfer sheet.
For the basing I painted the bases with Vallejo Model Color Burnt Umber as the base color. Then I applied 2.5mm Summer Mead. Green Grass, from Noch, to the remaining uncovered portions of the base. Finally I added a little bit of SuperLeaf Leaf Litter ECO (SE6623) from Scenic Express.

Paint Used (In Order)

  • Vallejo Model Game Air – Skeleton Bone
    • Primed entire unit with this color
  • Vallejo Model Color – Black
    • Base color of shield fronts
  • Army Painter Warpaints – Plate Mail Metal
    • Swords
  • Vallejo Model Color – Mahogony Brown
    • Back of shields
  • Vallejo Model Color – Bronze
    • Drybrush face of shields
    • Helmet of champion
  • Army Painter Warpaints – Gun Metal
    • Base color of shield back/sides/front edge
  • Army Painter Warpaints – Shining Silver
    • Musician’s bell
  • Vallejo Model Color – Basalt Grey
    • Standard bearers standard
  • Vallejo Game Color – Night Blue
    • Standard base color
  • Vallejo Model Color – Grey Blue
    • Standard hightlight color
  • Army Painter Ink – Strong Tone
    • Washed the entire model with this