All corners of tabletop gaming from the perspective of five aging gamers, how we make time for our hobbies while life gets in the way.

I've been playing games in basements for a majority of my life. They have always filled a need to not be idle and to always be doing something. I have a passion for Miniature Gaming and Role Playing games and spend the majority of my hobby time on these two things. I've spent a lot of time working on a site similar to this focused on Miniatures and Terrain building called DIY-Terrain, but that site has been a lonely adventure. Writing with some friends here on Lost Dice is an exciting change of pace and I look forward to posting about my passions here.

'Playing Magic the Gathering in middle school is where gaming began for me. From there I was introduced to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Games Workshop games. The hobby aspect of tabletop wargames has been as rewarding for me as actually getting on the table, one motivates me to do the other. Recently I have been playing Kings of War, Age of Sigmar and Dungeons and Dragons (via roll20).

Playing games has always been a part of my life, but when I discovered modern board gaming it became something of an obsession. A decade later, I discovered tabletop RPGs and found something else to occupy my time that wasn’t already spent thinking about playing board games. As my collection of games has slowly grown, so has the amount of friends and amazing people I’ve met through gaming. I’m excited to share my thoughts about the hobby with anyone that is interested in reading.

Been sitting at a table playing games almost all of my life.  Once I learned about RPG's I was hooked and I fell into the rabbit hole.  I Played D&D 1st ed, AD&D, GURPS, TMNT RPG, Robotech, Shadowrun, Heroes, and probably a bunch more.  When Magic the Gathering came out in the early 90's all of my disposable income went into that. I eventually graduated High School and went into the Air Force and left behind all of my gaming for years.  15 yrs later I got married and had my first daughter and I dusted off my RPG books and started to get back into the hobby.  I didn't have anyone to play with since all of my old gamer friends moved away or gave it up so I made the West Bend Board Game Club and it has been a success.  Gaming has opened up a lot of doors for me and my friends. The relationships I have with my gamer friends are more of a family and I can't wait to see what the future holds.  


The only thing that comes second to playing games, is talking about playing games. In my late teens I began reaching out beyond the realm of video games into more obscure tabletop games. Into my twenties I discovered the joys of tabletop wargaming. Only now just into my early thirties, have I discovered a passion for tabletop RPG and have plunged wildly into the role of DM. I will regale you with the tales of my blunders and hard learned lessons as a fresh DM. I also have a passion for photography and design as a hobby, which will play a part in my contribution to this collective blog.