Game Room Renovation – Part 1

Time to blow the dust off of this place!

It’s been awhile, I moved, adult stuff is happening all over the place. Time to do hobby things has been slim to none. Previously I had a finished basement to myself for a Game Room. I really like how it was setup and had many great games played in it over the 10 years I lived at that house. Moving to a new house meant taking all of that apart, packing up the organized armies and gaming supplies, and taking down my gaming table. All of this has lead to an opportunity to make a new Game Room in a new house. My plan is to take you on a visual journey of building a new Game Room. I have no idea how many parts this will be or how long it will take, but let’s take a look at some highlights.

Finished Basement

The new basement is finished and fully fleshed out like an old German Beer Hall. This totally plays to my advantage and will emphasize the geeky stuff I intend to display and hang around this large room. This room has built in cabinets, a weird yellow window, and all kinds of strange features.
One of the best parts about this new gaming space is storage, there’s a very large set of closets on this end of the room. This will likely hold a good portion of my wargaming terrain and armies. It will be nice to keep everything in one place, at my last house, some of it was packed away in bins, some was in boxes, some in foam trays tucked away all over.
These pictures don’t do this any justice as to how large the space really is.
Unfortunately, people do weird things, like put two lights inside a closet at chest height…
You know, for all those mid height things you want to light up in a closet!

Who’s Ellen?

So, while working on cleaning up and working on these closets, we noticed Ellen had taken a liking and left her name all over. Now, my Wife has been a painting machine, I only have one picture of this, the rest have been covered, but I’m expecting to find more as I clean up this house.
This is still visible after 3 coats of paint.

More to come!

I’m going to try and catalog this as I go as it’s not often that you get to start over on your Game Room or Hobby Space.  I feel fortunate for the opportunity and I intend to lean into this with all kinds of geeky things over time. Up next I’m working on my painting and building desk.