Warhound Titan. Finished.

Warhammer 40k Warhound Titan Legio Crucius
Finished Warhound Titan.

Who said building and painting a Warhound Titan was easy? This guy. I was wrong, and included in this article and gallery below, I’ll lay out how wrong I was. The project went on long enough to allow me time to create a backstory and re-learn how to apply my hobby skills, that I don’t use often, again.

6 Months

This Warhound Titan took me about 6 Months. Twice. It sounds silly, but it took me about 6 months to locate a Pilot and organize myself to even be able to attempt a project of this size. It all started as a refurbish job. I received this Titan used from a friend and a lot of time and effort went into this phase.

The Original goal was to have this finished for Adepticon Titanicus, an event at the annual Adepticon convention, but since Adepticon was cancelled this year, my goal was not met. Instead, I persevered and added a few more items to my overall goal, like weathering and making the base fancy.

This Warhound Titan took long enough, and was intense enough, that I wanted to make sure I could curse at Mr. Tibera while I worked through this project. What I mean by that is I took the time to give him some backstory for future use. I’m enjoying writing these little backstories more and more lately.

While someone with a keen eye (or if you’ve been following us on Instagram) might notice that there’s a some pieces missing…I’m calling this Warhound Titan done. Expect a follow up article about the crew on foot, one of the bonus items I added to my goal.


The Warhound class Titan Viribus Excursor fought during the Third War for Armageddon under the overall command of General Yarrick. Princeps (Pilot) Junnias Tibera was injured during the battle of the Diabolus Manufactorum Complex while engaging an Ork Gargant. Viribus Excursor sustained heavy damaged during the same engagement and required extensive repairs. Viribus Excursor has been repaired and Priceps Junnias Tibera has healed and they’re ready to serve the Emperor.