Dungeons and Dragons – Into the Unknown Miniatures

We’ve been playing a D&D campaign run by Richy for quite some time now, many months. While we have been playing via Roll20.net which means everything has been digital up to this point. Personally, I really like playing in person and with miniatures, but since we’re all super spread out across the country, this isn’t really possible.

I figured it’d be fun to make our party in miniatures, this is something fun for me to do and will add to the campaign from my perspective. In any event, on to the characters.


Bio: Every generation of children born into the monastic order of the Long Death is imprinted with an unwavering need to be powerful. The most promising twelve pupils of each cohort are segregated at a young age and groomed for positions of prestige within the order. Upon reaching young adulthood a celebration is held, the conclusion of which sees the students sent from their homes in the monastery and given two tasks; to seek worthy adversaries and to be the only surviving member of the cohort of twelve. The final survivor is welcomed home to a position of honor and stature. Different pupils see different paths to success, some see it as a challenge to either seek power through training and outlast their peers though skill, others see the easiest path is that of assisting their peers to an early demise.
Darje’s parents both failed to achieve positions of prominence within the order of the Long Death believing they were held back by politics (probably true). Due to this slight, Darje was groomed from birth and relentlessly pushed to excel. His elven traits aided him in besting many of his peers in acrobatic and athletic endeavors. He was a chosen to be one of the twelve. His parents taught him nothing but discipline and that success only comes through outworking adversaries. No matter which path to success presents itself, Darje is confident he can overcome all his peers.

About the mini: I found a Scarlet Brotherhood Monk from Wizards. It’s a cheesy pre-painted vinyl miniature but will be suitable for Darje.



Bio: Drak-mor hails from the hills of Curna in the south. He’s lived a nomadic life after breaking of relations with the fairer portion of the Dwarven race, temporarily swearing off companionship in others. Gaining his trust is difficult, especially with his surrounding party and other non-Dwarven races in general. Drak-mor is very much a stubborn headed bully of a dwarf. A fellow party member owes him his life but he does not realize it.

About the mini: I was able to find a pack of 4 Dwarven adventurers from Scibor Miniatures (Dwarves New Adventurerd set 28FM0060). While I didn’t need 4, the one I’m using fit perfectly for what I envisioned Drak-mor to be.


Kreggar Gemcutter

Bio: I am Kreggar Gemcutter. I come to the Upperlands from the depths of Dothlorion where my people have lived for generations. The Svirfneblin are unknown to most, making our existence a peaceful one. In recent years our peace has been disturbed by visitors from above. At first these visitors were mere explorers, plunging down in to the deep dark caverns of our world. These visitors left us carrying word of our mines and the gemstones that our world provides us and brought back invaders looking to take what is ours.

The Upperlands are vast, bright, and unknown to us. With each expedition the invaders bring new and strange threats to our people. We are unprepared. The burrow wardens assembled and came to a decision; each burrow would select one individual to venture to the Upperlands and catalog aspects of the world that has gone unknown to us for so long — flora, fauna, geography, and settlements. I will explore the surface and catalog the creatures that walk above us, returning when I feel I have provided a record that will provide my people with information they need to protect us from any future threats from above.

About the mini: Finding a Svirfneblin miniature proved tough as there aren’t a ton of Underdark Gnomes out there. This miniature was a kitbash of some bits i had and a Svirfneblin Fighter from the Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons set.


Tunasloth Torinn


About the mini: Finding any Dragonborn miniatures was tough, but luckily Dark Sword Miniatures (DSM-7543 Male Dragonkin Warrior) had exactly what we were looking for. A tall imposing Dragonborn warrior.


This is the whole party minus an NPC wizard, by the name of Drachen, that comes in and out of the storyline. Kreggar Gemcutter has a deep hatred for this poor young wizard and christened him with the nickname “Shit Wizard”. Obviously, all of the miniatures are not painted yet, but it took quite some time to gather all of the figures and find the right fit for how I picture our adventuring party in my head. There is a figure for Shit Wizard on the way, but he’s not arrived yet, and a minor character. The plan is to paint these guys up and post the full painted party as a follow up post in the future!