Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Slavedriver

Blister Packaging

I have a lot of miniatures, so it’s kind of nice once and awhile to have a solo miniature to build and paint.  Mantic have finally begun to release miniatures outside of the Kickstarter campaigns they have been running over the last few years.  I’m glad that this miniature, and a bunch of others, are coming out on their own schedules.  They even dropped a new undead faction recently called the Empire of Dust.

All of those things lead me to believe Kings of War and Mantic are in a healthy state.  I hope this means that they’ll continue to improve on the quality of their product, something that’s constantly in question amongst wargamers.  I was going to call this article a review, but what you may not know is that I own every model Mantic has made for this army more or less.  In fact, its one of the few armies I have that has the majority of it painted.

When Kings of War 2.0 came out, I spent some time making some custom figures to fill in the blanks where there wasn’t a model available. Since then Mantic has filled those holes in with official miniatures.  One of those miniatures is the Slavedriver for the Abyssal Dwarf army.  The idea for this army is that they enslave the local population of Orcs and have a class of dwarves that keep them in check.

This kit comes with a handful of extra options and is entirely made of metal minus the included base.  There are two different head options and three right hand weapon options that include a Whip, Prod, and Scythe.  The left hand doesn’t have an option and is holding a small banner.  The kit is metal and some people aren’t a fan, but I’ve built so many metal miniatures over the years that it’s not a huge concern.

One thing I noticed was that this figure has way more ornate details on his armor than most of the other past Abyssal Dwarf miniatures. The casting quality has improved tremendously, but there are, of course, some mold lines that need to be cleaned up.  What should be said is that the casting mold lines are minimal and easy to clean up.  All in all, this miniature is great and I can’t wait to paint it.