Lost Dice-Cast – Episode 1

I know, I know, there was already an episode one of our Lost Dice-Cast….but we’re doing a totally new thing!


Lost Dice-Cast – Episode 1



Sadly, the video version had some technical issues and our recording was broken, please enjoy this still frame of us as a bit of a consolation.

Bill talked about an upcoming Adeptus Titanicus event and some of the hobbying he’s been doing lately. He also spoke a bit about how difficult it can be to hop into a hobby. In addition, he mentioned a Dark Hold Kobold Cavalry Kickstarter he has backed.

Matt talked about the local Board Game Group he’s been with for the last 6 years and a recent convention he went to called Fire and Ice. A “Math Trade” he participated in, along with getting a game of Amerigo and Saint Petersburg. He also dives a bit deeper into “Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula“.

We’re looking forward to doing this again, tell all your friends!