Lost Dice-Cast: Pilot Episode 003

Welcome to episode #003 of the Lost Dice-Cast!. Much like on the blog, this podcast will cover off on all realms of the tabletop gaming hobby. Episodes are available to direct stream here or download from here. If we make this a regular event, we will get this content out and available via the iTunes store as well. Enjoy! (Questions and feedback are always welcome!)

Lost Dice-Cast Show Notes



  • In the works, games we’ve been playing:
    • BILL: Finishing Touches on Abyssal Dwarf Army
    • JASON: Games on Tabletopia – Village, Santorini, Samurai
    • RICHY: Games in the wild: big box store & mall finds
  • Shadow War Armageddon
  • Converting a D&D campaign to the Dungeon World game system
    • THIS is not a how to, more so reflections of what we are getting ourselves into
  • On the horizon: