​Kings of War – Battle for Gal-Tha’dune

Kings of War

Over this past weekend, I finally had chance to have Jason, Richy, and some other friends over to get a game of Kings of War in. It’s not often I get to get any game in that isn’t on my cell phone, so planning this weekend out was well worth it. One of the things we like to do when we setup games is create a reason for the battle to happen instead of just throwing miniatures on a table and fighting. Adding a bit of narrative really makes a big difference.


The forces of the Abyssal Dwarves with their recently captured warband lead by Griznow overwhelmed the spell forge of Gal-Tha’dune. A site where a magic imbued volcanic pool is located at the northern edge of the Halpi Mountains. This site allows the dwarves to forge the metal necessary for their devastatingly powerful canons and warmachines. Losing this Spell Forge was a blow to the local dwarven city and support has been hastily mustered. An unlikely alliance of a local human warband and Grokagamok’s personal guard have been summoned to help retake this vital resource.


The battle was a very close and there was heavy casualties for most of the involved parties. The scenario we played was called Capture and it was out of the recent Clash of Kings book from Mantic. The scenario scores victory points based on control of 2 ft x 2 ft areas on the table. Each of these sections is scored based on Unit Strength at the end of the game. In the end, the game was a draw at the end of Turn 6. We all agreed the outcome would have been different had we gone into a Turn 7. Overall, it was a fun scenario and it just makes me want to plat some more Kings of War.