AdeptiCon 2017

AdeptiCon 2017

AdeptiCon 2017, Biggest and Bestest Yet!

Bill and I met up with his brother Brian in Schaumburg Illinois to partake in this year’s AdeptiCon goodness. Made for a great day trip! The Con has really exploded in both physical floor space and variety of content at this point. There are far more vendors on the floor this year and they have ample elbow room. I last went to AdeptiCon the year before my daughter was born (2013) and it was a far more claustrophobic experience in the vendor hall. The new current format is very welcome.

Only doing a day trip, we did not participate in any of the competitions this year nor did we watch them closely. We had very little time to get in as much of the Con as possible. I am currently flush with minis that I am far behind on painting, so I avoided purchasing any more this year. Both Bill and I found a choose your own adventure game book in the Mantic booth that promises to be an amazing journey through a nostalgic gaming format! Look for a review of it after we both finish running the book with our toddlers in the next few weeks.

We found the time to do a run through of Dungeon Saga (by Mantic) while at the Con. We managed to mostly win our crawl by meeting our objective. However, we pushed past that and tried to take on the dungeon boss. He made quick work of us. The game is definitely challenging and unforgiving. Loved every second of it!


Photo Gallery, Sweet Sweet Eye Candy!

No shortage of eye candy at AdeptiCon this year! There were some notable displays by those competing, the vendors had a beautiful representation of professionally painted product to showcase, and the Cool Mini or Not competition display case was loaded with amazing works. Please enjoy the gallery below, should not disappoint!

If you have any feedback or questions for us, please feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of the post. Thanks for viewing!

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