Warhammer 40k – Imperial Knight Finished at Last!

A few years ago I was invited to a 40k event with some friends that was a mini tournament of champions.  In this case, the tournament was of Imperial Knights and we had many rounds of jousts to determine the overall winner of the tournament.  I’m not one for tournaments generally, but this was a very memorable event.  Here’s the thing, this event took place in 2014.  One of the requirements was that each knight be painted, named, and have a backstory.

Pictured in this article is my attempt at this, however, unfinished until just recently.  Lord Stanley of House Krast has sat collecting dust on the shelf of unfinished projects.  This is easily the worst part of this hobby, or at least, I’m the worst at this.  Finishing stuff is hard, especially when it takes many years to finish.  Finishing a single large model isn’t a good example, but finishing a whole army is very hard from my point of view.  Generally painting a warband of guys (we’ll say less than 20) is something that’s achievable, but even then, it’s hard to stay focused and finish the whole group.

Really, I wanted to show some pictures of the work I did on this, I’m pretty satisfied with how this model turned out.  I don’t spend the same amount of time or put the same amount of effort into miniatures anymore.  I used to spend as much time as needed to make it look as best as possible, but that’s a moving goal and one that was frustrating to try and achieve.  Over time, I’ve been able to get out of that mentality but this is one of those projects that I feel like I could continually improve on, but, since I procrastinated for YEARS, enough is enough.  This one is done.