The Halfmen Army Kickstarter by Westfalia Publishing Review

I’ve spent the last few years trying to collect and build an entire Halfling army.  Once upon a time I had a very large collection of Empire miniatures from Games Workshop and one of the sub factions was Halfling spearmen and swordsmen and Lumpins Croop, a Dogs of War unit. We also played a lot of Mordheim, where I used those miniatures for my warband, and since that time I always wanted to build a whole army of Halflings.  The cheesy name I used through out was “Shootin’ from the Moot…in’”  The Moot was the place where Halflings resided in the Warhammer Fantasy universe and the Shootin’ was a reference to their terrible ability to shoot at things.

Sadly, I no longer own most those miniatures but the name of the army has stuck with me. Thanks to Kickstarter and a bunch of companies that aren’t Games Workshop, I’ve been able to slowly build up a collection of Halfings to build an entire army.  Also, since Halflings have been removed from current versions of Warhammer, Mantic with Kings of War has stepped in by creating an army called the League of Rhordia which is based heavily with Halfling units.

That’s a long way of telling you that I’ve been crawling all over the internet to find Halfling miniatures in 28mm to build an army with which lead me to Westfalia Publishing.  Westfalia Publishing put up a Kickstarter Campaign for a large range of their Halfmen miniatures, but of particular interest is their Halfmen Knights on Goats.  Now, their Kickstarter Campaign covered all sorts of miniatures and for the purpose of this review, I’m only going to discuss the Knights.

All of the miniatures were provided cast in a grey resin and provided a few options for posing.  Each knights helmet, lance arm, and shield are unique and each goat has a few variable poses.  Overall, there’s enough variety to make the unit look like each knight has it’s own personality.  While all of the parts for the miniatures were present, even including an extra goat head, they didn’t include bases for them to go on.

The resin itself is pretty good, but like all resin miniatures needed work. I had to heat up and straighten out the lances.  In addition to that, there were some bubbles in the casting. I took a few pictures of the fixing I had to do with some putty, you can see those below.  Most of the parts fit really well, but some of the gaps on the goats heads were a little large and needed some filling.  That sort of thing is to be expected, or at least it’s common in terms of the miniatures that I’ve built.

Overall, I would have wished that there weren’t any bubbles and some bases had been included, but those are minor gripes.  I’m happy with the character these guys present and they will make a great unit in my army.