Mini Painting Minis

My mini's minis.

Bill’s last post talking about purchasing the Age of Sigmar – Storm of Sigmar boxed set inspired me to paint with my kiddo as well. We both have daughters of almost the exact same age and are in parallel making the journey through raising kids in a nerdier than average household. I have a small box of random minis and bits that I dug out to see if my kiddo would want to take a crack at painting. No surprise really, of course she was thrilled. Two and a half year olds don’t need much encouragement to apply paint to any surface that isn’t paper. I globed out a few primary colors for her plus some green and just let her go to town. I would say, the whole experience was a wild success! Really, kids just want to do whatever their parents are doing.

Looks like weeknight mini painting sessions are literally back on the table!